Client Success: TYME Opens Global Markets Through Facebook Advertising

Client Success: TYME Opens Global Markets Through Facebook Advertising

TYME LLC is back in the news! Facebook for Business published their latest Success Story showcasing the international expansion of Rep Empire client, TYME LLC & TYME Style Global.

Based in Bellevue, Iowa, TYME manufactures and sells hair-styling products. Its namesake curling and straightening iron was invented by TYME CEO, Jacynda Smith, who enlisted her family and friends to help promote and sell her styling tool.

Following initial product launch in late 2014, TYME rapidly grew their direct-to-consumer business and online presence using Facebook and other social media channels. As their product line grew and brand recognition developed in the USA, TYME focused on expansion in international markets:

TYME knew that the greatest challenge it faced when entering new markets would be to explain what makes its hair styling tool unique. So the team, in partnership with Facebook-focused ad optimization agency Rep Empire, developed a 2-stage campaign to build awareness and educate beauty enthusiasts across Europe.

Facebook’s Immersive Canvas Ads and international targeting tools, coupled with TYME’s video content and Rep Empire’s optimization services, resulted in rapid adoption of their curling and straightening iron in Europe, Canada, and the United Kingdom – resulting in a 52% decrease in cost-per-acquisition and a 2.9X return on ad spend for mid-funnel consumers. Read more about TYME’s international success in the Facebook Business Success Story.

Congratulations to the TYME Team!

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May 1, 2017

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