Conversion Tracking Introduction


Have you wondered how to measure campaign performance on Facebook?

Facebook utilizes sophisticated conversion tracking mechanisms built on a powerful closed-loop system. Because Facebook users are required to sign-in whenever they access the Social Network over a 90-day period, each click, impression, like, comment, and share is recorded (for paid and unpaid content). This data is recorded, measured, and assigned to Facebook User IDs.

Next, advertisers install the Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel on websites [outside of Facebook] to record actions taken by website visitors once they reach their sites. Conversion tracking pixels “close the loop” by attributing actions outside of Facebook to paid content originating inside Facebook. ”Standard Events” are also added to the Facebook Pixel on specific web pages to measure on-site actions, like: Content Views, Page Views, Leads, Registrations, Adds-to- Cart, Checkouts Initiated, Payments Added, and Purchases.

By linking external website data with internal paid content, Facebook helps Advertisers and Rep Empire Optimizers determine which ads yield highest performance and greatest efficiency.

Beyond conversion tracking and digital attribution, Facebook assists Social Media Optimizers like Rep Empire by creating specific audiences of users who closely resemble people completing actions on Client websites. “Lookalike Audiences” are powerful tools because Facebook’s algorithm does the heavy lifting: once an initial cohort is selected, new potential customers (gathered from anonymous User ID data and Pixels) are grouped into segmented audiences based on likelihood of conversion. Rep Empire Optimizers use lookalike audiences to segment conversion funnels and identify which images, copy variations, ad types, placements, and sub- segments yield high-return- on-ad- spend (RoAS) and low cost-per- acquisition (CPA).


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