Facebook & Instagram Advertising: How to Get in!


Do you have customer envy? We’ve all been there… you’ve got great products or services and need the online world to discover you!

You might expect customers will find you organically on Facebook and Instagram, engage with your content, and purchase your products; unfortunately, direct-response marketing on Facebook isn’t that easy…

Have you ever wondered how Facebook decides which stories and posts to show on your personal Facebook and Instagram feeds?

An average Facebook user has 1,500 stories available to be seen in their newsfeed at any moment in time – these stories may be about friends, family members, co-workers, or brands and pages. Naturally, Facebook has an algorithm that reduces these 1,500 stories to 300 posts, which are predicted to be highly engaging.

So… with all this competition in the newsfeed, how do you grab the attention of your ideal customer?

The answer is simple: Facebook and Instagram Ads allow you to bypass the 300-post waiting line and recruit your ideal [targeted] customer audience in a quick and measurable way. Facebook ads are like knowing the bouncer at the hottest club in town! Sure, you can wait in line in hope of making it inside the door, but… let’s face it, your time is valuable and nobody likes waiting around to get discovered.

Like any like any popular club, Facebook runs a “pay-to-play” environment. This means, you can easily skip the line and get more interaction by leaving a small tip with the man at the door. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing (especially if this is your first time in the Club), you may not know how to dress, what to say, who to talk to, or where to stand… and Facebook will charge an arm and a leg to get inside and recruit your new customers. Thankfully, this is where Rep Empire saves the day.

Our stated missionMaximize your Return on Ad Spend & Minimize your Cost-per-Acquisition on Facebook and Instagram.

We use a proprietary Ad Optimization Strategy developed in partnership with Facebook to maximize campaigns and yield powerful results. Rep Empire is responsible for generating over $1.5 million in client revenue each month for brands and agencies.


Rep Empire is committed to creating value for Advertising Partners. Our disciplined approach strives to build long-term relationships for increased efficiency and overall cost reduction. Contact our dedicated and focused Social Media Advertising Optimization Team to provide us the opportunity to accelerate growth in your business.

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