Learn the Secret Reason Most Advertisers Fail at Driving Sales and Leads on Facebook and Instagram, and What You Can Do to Prevent Failure


Let’s talk about 3 basic things to understand how advertising works on Facebook and Instagram…

    1. Facebook and Instagram Advertising Networks are AUCTIONS. Facebook knows it has something you want (their users), and they created a competitive market for advertisers to reach these target audiences. As competition among advertisers increases, Facebook’s price to reach users goes up. It’s Economics 101.


    1. When advertising costs go up – translation: Facebook realizes its users are valuable – it becomes difficult to compete with other advertisers fighting for the same users in the auction. And when you don’t know how to win an auction… and YOU LOSE CONTROL.


    1. Once you lose control, you must respond by either spending more money – which gives Facebook MORE control over your profitability – or by giving up altogether… neither option is good for business. Of course, the solution is to NEVER GIVE UP CONTROL IN THE FIRST PLACE…

… and NEVER paying for inefficient ads is the BEST way to keep control. This simple idea keeps advertisers out of what we call the “spraying & praying” mode of advertising. By the way, we’re not opposed to advertisers testing or learning which ads work best…

What we’re opposed to, is the MINDSET that you’re running tests without a repeatable process – advertising on Facebook and Instagram without a system that controls variables will never result in REAL sales over the long-run.

But before we tell you how to win auctions instead of paying for “likes,” let’s share what we hear whenever we meet new advertisers on Facebook and Instagram.

It usually goes something like this:

“Facebook and Instagram seem like great places to find customers, but I’m not sure how to get good returns… I publish content on my page and boost posts, but it seems all I get are likes and comments (and often no return on my dollars spent). I’ve invested time and money to make this work, so how do I generate actual sales and real customer leads?”

Does this sound familiar?


…you probably see diminishing returns on your spend or have difficulty scaling.

At Rep Empire, we never think for a second that you should do the same thing as every other advertiser. No way.

So what should you do instead?

First off, you ABSOLUTELY CAN’T HELP YOURSELF when you don’t STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Adopt a mindset of “I am competing in a content marketplace. I need to act differently from my competitors to win every auction.” This framework applies to your content and the way content is advertised on Facebook and Instagram…

When you play by your own rules, Facebook finds you’re MORE ENGAGING to their users – you ADD VALUE to their community. Facebook rewards this behavior with increased reach, decreased costs, and greater delivery… this equals a higher chance for you to close a sale or generate new leads.

Now, an EVEN BETTER way to win more Facebook auctions is to understand which content types generate the best results across all verticals – and – to apply knowledge of which ad tactics yield the highest percentage of auction wins.

In partnership with Facebook and advertising clients, Rep Empire tested thousands of campaigns across B2C and B2B verticals. We found optimal combinations of ad variables and targeting strategies to profitably scale start-up, small business, and enterprise clients.

Feel like you need to learn more about how to successfully advertise on Facebook and Instagram? Benefit from years of Ad Optimization and Insider Knowledge. We’ll walk you through all the things you need to know to see positive Return on Ad Spend and minimal Cost per Acquisition.

NOW – take a moment and think of 7 interesting ways you can build excitement for your product or service content, then, Contact us and let’s put those ideas to work!


Rep Empire is committed to creating value for Advertising Partners. Our disciplined approach strives to build long-term relationships for increased efficiency and overall cost reduction. Contact our dedicated and focused Social Media Advertising Optimization Team to provide us the opportunity to accelerate growth in your business.

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